• Picking up kids from their cabins after breakfast.
  • Rotating through scheduled activities.
  • Serving up lunch at the Purple table.
  • Bringing kids to their parents in the main dining area.
  • Counsellor lunch.
  • Supervising kids during their rest hour.
  • Rotating through 3rd and 4th period activities.
  • Escorting campers to 5th period swim lessons and assisting staff during lessons.
  • Getting kids changed for dinner and then back to their parents for the evening meal.
  • After-dinner playground time with the kids.
  • Making sure parents and kids find their way back to their cabins at 7:30 or 8 pm.
  • The counsellor has 3 off-duty nights and 3 nights of baby-sitting, to allow parents to attend staff programs.

Some words from our staff

Some words from our staff

Erin Alexander — Seeker Finder Staff

“I will always be proud to call Walden my home and will cherish the memories, the friends, and the learning experiences that have come from every summer spent at camp.”

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