Rates & Dates for Summer 2024

Thank you for your interest in Camp Walden! Below is a list of the different session options Walden will offer this summer.

For more than 50 years, Walden did not fill. The pandemic has re-inspired many families to give their children a summer camp experience.  Like several other Ontario camps, Walden has experienced a sudden and recent surge in applications. Walden must consider maximum capacities in each cabin, unit, and the camp before accepting new-to-Walden applications.

registration dates

Registration opens for




Returning families are guaranteed
their same spot until September 10th.

Registration opens for




Registration opens for




New Camper

New camper applications should be submitted as early as possible.

They will be considered between September 11 and September 30 and prioritized in the following order:

  1. Siblings of returning campers
  2. Children of staff alumni
  3. Other new to Walden families
Sol Birenbaum

Sol’s tip

“Families debating between a longer or shorter session should register for the longer one. We’ll be happy to reduce sessions later at no penalty to you, but please be aware that increasing session length later will cost more. See our FAQs below!

Program Rates

Camp Walden’s fees are all-inclusive1 and we do not charge additional fees for transportation, tuck or trips. We offer special discounted rates2 when you pay in full before September 15, and/or if you register more than one child. See terms and conditions for details.

Walden’s cheque discount applies to families who make all payments without using a credit card.

Please Note: Grades referred to below indicate the grade completed before summer.

Select neither, either, or both of these discount options and save:


June 28 – August 15


6 WEEKS (for grades 2/3/4/5)

June 28 – August 8



June 28 – July 25



July 26 – August 15


HOME AND AWAY (2 weeks day camp, 2 weeks overnight, for grade 2’s)

July 2 – July 25


2 WEEKS EXPLORER (for grade 2’s)

June 28 – July 11


2 WEEKS AUGUST EXPLORER (for grades 2/3/4/5)

July 26 – August 8


WALDEN LONG WEEKEND 1 (for grade 1’s)

July 26 – July 29


WALDEN LONG WEEKEND 2 (for grade 1’s)

August 2 – August 5


Extensions made after camp begins are flat rate fees, i.e. other discounts do not apply

  • Add August session: $4,900
  • Convert Explorer to July: $4,500
  • Add 2 more weeks after July: $4,000
  • Adding Week 7: $1,700

Additional Discount Options:

Sibling Discount

Families with multiple campers (siblings with the same parents and residence) will enjoy the following discounts:

  • 5% off a 2nd registration§
  • 10% off a 3rd registration§
  • 15% off a 4th registration§

Staff Alumni Discount

Campers who are children of staff alumni (one or both parents) will receive a 10% discount on their campers’ fees.

What’s Included

Laundry service
once a week
Baggage handling prior to camp
A camp t-shirt with the Camp Walden logo
Return transportation from Toronto, Ottawa or Montreal on camp opening and closing days
Any field trips… and canoe trips!
Sundry and snack items from the Tuck Shop

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to several questions we anticipate parents might have about this year’s registration. If you have other questions, please don’t hesitate to speak to Danielle, Ashton, or Sol at the office. We can be reached toll free at 1-888-254-4274 and office@campwalden.ca.

We will be registering returning campers, siblings, and children of staff alumni. Then, if there are still spaces available, we will allow returning August campers to adjust their sessions or at the very least secure their same session. And then, if there are still spaces available, we will be opening up our registration to the public at large. Specific dates for these phases are indicated above.

It is very likely camp will fill up again this year. All applications are date stamped and prioritized and processed in the order that they are received. Processing applications takes time. We will be able to confirm information about your application after October 1st.

This is both not true and a harmful misperception. There is much higher demand for July than August. But this popularity is not necessarily indicative of what is best. August has proven to be a better option for some families.
While July offers wonderful experiences like: the first day, Visitor’s Day, and Colour Wars. August, on the other hand, is a shorter session (which is better for some), has the Walden Games, and the emotions of the last week of camp and burning of the W. Most campers who combine day and overnight camp in the same summer, prefer the flow of day into overnight than the reverse. Camp is smaller. Sometimes there is a younger sibling coming on the Weekender during August. The Dining Hall is a little quieter. This suits some campers’ personalities better. It should also be noted that August is less expensive.

The best way to ultimately get a Day 1 spot is to enjoy an August Walden Long Weekend experience after grade 1, and a July two-week session after grade 2 (i.e. July Explorer or Home & Away). This will ensure that you are “funneled” into a Day 1 spot after grade 3.

Said simply:
Grade 1 WLW –> Grade 2 EXPLORER OR HOME AND AWAY –> Grade 3 DAY 1

Some families will choose to pay for an unused spot to hold their spot in the following year. Grade 1 campers, although not yet ready at the time of registration, may, in fact, become ready by the time their August Weekend session arrives.

Later in the year, we will sometimes consider opening additional weekend spots to give introductory experiences to grade 2 and 3 campers. These experiences are not part of the funnel and thus do not guarantee a Day 1 spot in future summers but they can be wonderful introductions to the Walden experience.

Maybe. Our best advice is to join the 2024 Day 1 waitlist and register them for another August experience.

Not yet. We’d like to assess how full camp is with our current demand from grade 1 and older campers. After that time, we might open other Weekend experiences for younger campers.

As a returning camper, you will be given priority to repeat the Walden Long Weekend and thus, enter the funnel. There may be longer August options available to you as well (like our 2 and 3 week August sessions).

Yes, they are part of our September 4th registration period and will receive priority with August spots. They may also, at that time, attempt to apply for any remaining July spots.

We have space for some but not all of our 2016 campers to stay longer than 2 weeks. Please indicate in your application your desired session length but be prepared to be “downgraded” to a 2 week session.

Register your whole family in the earliest registration period you are eligible for. Ashton in our office reviews every single application one at a time and will reach out with questions.

We invite you to be part of our OTHER RETURNING AND PRIORITY FAMILIES registration period however priority will be given to 2023 returning families.

At this point it is impossible for us to answer that question with any confidence. But, loosely speaking, the chances are low. There are very very few spots available and many people who want them. This is not a “nice problem to have”. We are sad to not have space for the many families that want to give the gift of the Walden experience to their children.

Walden is a big camp and we love it that way! But there is such a thing as too big. We would love for camp to be full but with no waitlist. We hate to turn away friends, family, alumni, younger siblings, and eager new Waldeners-in-the-making. That’s why we will make every effort to make as many spots available as possible to those interested. First and foremost, however, we must be careful not to sacrifice the quality of supervision and community that we provide which means not overloading any one cabin, unit, or the camp as a whole.

We do something at Walden that is fairly unique. If, in good faith, you think your camper might extend, we’d like you to register for the longer session at no risk to you. However, if you extend during the summer, the cost to us (and thus to you) is higher. These extension fees are listed above. They are flat rates so the sibling and alumni discounts do not apply.

You should certainly register for 7 weeks and attach a note with the particulars of your situation. We will gladly agree to decrease your camper’s registration to your desired length of stay at no penalty (as though this was your decision all along). The final decision is normally made on Visitor’s Day.

Well… you can… but the cost will be greater. Also, space may not be available. Every year, there are a number of families that wish to extend their stay from 4 weeks to 7 weeks, or from 2 weeks to 4 weeks in the middle of the summer. Despite our desire to accommodate, it is sometimes the case that space does not allow for these requests. Please consider your registration length carefully when completing your application.

Unless you indicate otherwise, we will assume that you wish your payment to be made as follows: a $2000 deposit ($600+HST in the case of Walden Long Weekend) and then four equal instalments on March 1st, April 1st, May 1st, and June 1st. Families must let us know before each date how they intend to pay. Unfortunately, if after reminders from us, that information is not provided, applicable discounts will have to be removed.

If you are a regular returning family returning to a same or similar session, yes please.
If you are applying for a session that you have not yet been accepted into, please wait.

If you select credit card, a deposit will be taken automatically.
If you select some other payment method, please await confirmation before sending your deposit.

Special circumstances certainly deserve special attention. We will generously consider special written requests for refunds in September following the summer.

Regretfully, we have had to increase fees again. Nearly every industry has been impacted by economic inflation. Our continued efforts to provide quality food, transportation, supervision, and program have resulted in an enormous increase to camp’s expenses. We know that families work hard to provide these experiences for their children and that there are many camps to choose from. Please know that every increase in camp’s pricing is made carefully and reluctantly.

We have made every effort to make our fees fair and reflective of our quality of program. We are proud of the fact that everyone at Walden pays the rates shown on our website. So no, we will not adjust our rates. But those families who feel they could benefit from an alternate pay schedule are invited to present a plan via email to sol@campwalden.ca. Please note that fee reductions cannot be made for campers arriving late, leaving early, or missing part of camp.

Overnight camp is, for many, a big financial and philosophical decision. We want families to have all the information available to them (i.e. how much Walden will cost and what spots will and won’t be available) and still have an opportunity to choose a different camp. Registration for most other similar camps takes place in the Fall.

Given the waitlist we had last summer and the level of disappointment that that caused for many, we no longer wish to further incentivize early registration.

Yes, we still like to give families a chance to be sure they are happy with their decisions and so we still have a “no questions asked full refund” cancellation date. However, this date is now October 1. The rest of our cancellation policy has actually been relaxed to a large extent. More about that can be read by clicking on the TERMS AND CONDITIONS button above.

Our office will be at full force on Monday August 28 and we will make efforts to return all calls and emails throughout the week.