Work at Walden

Working at Walden allows you to put the camp’s values of leadership, commitment and dedication into practice. Staff work to inspire and enrich the lives of young campers, while gaining valuable experience and lifelong friendships, all in an ideal natural setting. Make the most of your summer by joining our team!

  1. Leadership
  2. Commitment
  3. Dedication
  4. Trust


When you work at Camp Walden you’re not just getting a great summer job, it’s an experience with benefits that last long past the season.


Every day at camp you’ll be demonstrating responsibility and initiative as you look after campers and inspire them to meet new challenges. There’s no better skill for predicting lifelong success than leadership, and at Walden you’ll get a chance to shine.


Everyone at Walden works together to make the best summer possible. Learning how to communicate and cooperate with people from all over the world develops the skills that will make you an important member of any team.

College/University Credit

Many colleges and universities recognize the benefit of Camp Walden experience. Check with your school’s education and outdoor recreation departments to see if you can get partial credit for your time at camp.

Summer Spent Outdoors

The best part of Walden is the people. You’ll be spending the summer with a staff that shares your passion for the outdoors, education and adventure. The friendships made at Camp Walden last a lifetime.

Child’s Development

Being at Walden isn’t just about what you can get, but what you can give. You’ll be there to guide campers through their first time away from home, helping them to find confidence and strength.

Change Lives

When you work at Walden you’re not just a part of the staff, but a part of the community. The summer camp experience you help create will become memories that children cherish their whole lives. Many campers are inspired to come back to work at Walden themselves, creating a legacy that lasts long after the summer is over.

Some words from our staff

Some words from our staff

Jenn Cooper

“There is so much mutual respect between the leadership team and the staff, which makes camp so much more enjoyable. I always feel respected, appreciated and therefore I am encouraged to work harder and do my best.”

Things you should know

Thinking of applying to work at Camp Walden for the summer? Here are a few things you might need to know while preparing your application. Camp Walden is committed to employment equity and encourages all qualified candidates to apply. If you require an accommodation at any point during the hiring/employment process please let us know as we will work with you to meet your needs. All responses will be handled with strict confidence.

Camp Sessions

Summer camp sessions start in the last week in June and run until the third week of August. Staff spend about a week preparing before campers arrive, so your commitment would be for eight weeks.

Offseason Work

Off-season work is available. Staff is required for camp rentals in May and June, and there may be short-term positions after the regular season finishes in August.

Days Off

Staff get six days off in total during the seven weeks that camp is in session. Your days off are considered a full twenty-four hours in length.


Camp Walden offers excellent salaries that match or better those offered at other summer camps. Room and board is included. Pay ranges are determined by the job position and the experience you bring to the team.

A very rewarding challenge

If you asked our staff they would say “most days are totally amazing, exhausting and full of fun. You do get the odd day that will challenge you, but the pay off is worth it.” We encourage all our inquiring staff to take a moment to watch a short video about being a staff member at Walden. After watching the video take a moment to decide if Walden is the place where you see yourself being successful and giving back to an amazing community.

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Job Opportunities

Looking for passionate and committed individuals to join our team. Experience working with children is a plus, as are skills in areas like outdoor sports, arts & crafts, and food prep. Returning staff and counsellors-in-training are given preference for open positions, but there’s always room for more at Walden. Get your application in early for next summer!

Dates to Remember

 Jun 23

Head Staff Arrive

 Jun 23

New Camp Canada Staff Start Date

 Jun 24

All Other Staff Arrive

 Jul 27

End of July Session

 Aug 17

End of Walden