Monthly Acoustic Shows! Folk Music is central to the Walden experience.

Camp Music

Music has been a central part of Walden since the camp opened in 1970. Our group “sing songs” unite the entire camp in a celebration of friendship, fun and the spirit of summer camp.

Every year on the first night of camp, all of Walden gathers to kick off the summer with music. Sing songs are a regular occurrence at Camp Walden, campers get to connect with each other and raise their voices in summer camp classics and folk favourites.

Camp Director, Sol, and long-time camper and staff member, Steven Pulver, lead the musical festivities. Have a listen to a few of our Walden songs below so that you’ll be ready to join in and learn the words from our song book.

Not sure where to start?

We recommend these five songs as “musts” for the first sing song:

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