Camper Units

Camper Units

Walden is arranged as a cluster of villages. Each of our villages, or units as they are called, are equipped with camper cabins (grouped by gender) which sit side-by-side, a Head Staff cabin for the supervisors of the unit, a fire pit for evening campfires, and a shower house. The Walden Units form a circle. Some units are closer to the dining hall while others are closer to the waterfront. Each of our units has its own feeling, beauty, and terrain. Growing up at Walden means a transition through the five spaces at camp.



For campers who have completed grades 1, 2, and 3

The Colour Unit is a special place for our youngest campers. The eight Cabins are named “Blue” or “Red” or “Green” etc. This unit space is protected. It’s just for them. “Colours Only in the Colour Unit!”

In this video, Sol Birenbaum, Jen Birenbaum and Taylor Jacobson talk about the Colour Unit

Colour campers are lucky because they live right beside the dining hall and not too far from our beautiful waterfront. The Walden Jungle is the playground that is just steps outside of the Colour Unit. It’s a great place for our Colour campers to hang out with their friends or older siblings during down times.

Our Colour campers sometimes attend an overnight to our crash site at least once during the month of July. Their field trip (Special Day) takes place also in July, and consists of going to see a movie in Renfrew and going to McDonalds.


For campers who have completed grades 4 and 5

Comic Hill! Comic Hill is the most epic place for slip n’ sliding, mud sliding, rolling down the hill, dancing in the rain, having a water fight, and so many other awesome activities that take place in our Comic Unit.

Watch camp staff and campers talk about the Comic Unit

The Comic Unit is placed right at the top of camp. It’s near all the action; Arts & Crafts, Ceramics, Basketball, Tennis, and Baseball are all right outside their cabins! The Comic Unit even has its own basketball court and tetherball courts!

Comic cabins are named “Popeye”, “Flintstones”, “Road Runner” etc. Comic campers experience their 3 day, 2 night canoe trip during the month of July.


For campers who have completed grades 6 and 7

The twelve cabins are named after the twelve signs of the Zodiac and is unique because these campers are no longer part of our younger camp, but they aren’t quite into older camp yet either. They fall somewhere in the middle between our young campers and our older campers.

In this video, camp staff and campers talk about the Zodiac Unit

Zodiacs live the closest to the waterfront and to our Challenge Sports activities. Zodiac campers experience their 4 day, 3 night canoe trip during the month of July. Their field trip takes place in July as well!


For campers who have completed grades 8 and 9

Our oldest campers, Seekers, are old enough now to live in a much more private unit. They are on the opposite side of the dining hall, just past MASH our medical facility, and their unit is beautiful and in the woods.

Sol talks about a one-on-one group chat he has with the Seeker unit called, “Smoothies with Sol”

The twelve Seeker cabins are creatively labelled “One”, “Two”, and “Three” etc. The Seeker Unit and our CIT Unit are next to each other, making that side of camp our “senior camp”.

Younger Seeker campers experience their 5 day, 4 night canoe trips in August, while older Seeker campers experience their 4 day, 3 night canoe trip in August. Older Seekers experience their field trip in July where campers will go to a high ropes course, and a take trip to McDonalds.


For campers who have completed grade 10

Our CIT Unit is the most private of all 5 of our camper units. No other campers are allowed in the CIT Unit. Our CITs are given much more responsibility then they have experienced in past summers. They are not staff members just yet, but also no longer campers – they are Counsellors in Training or Campers in Transition.

Camp staff and CITs discuss the CIT program at Camp Walden

CITs do 5 Five-Day practical placements i.e. they assist in 5 different areas of camp. On weekends and during the evenings, CITs have special opportunities for fun, training, rest, and socializing. A co-ed canoe 5-night canoe trip is the highlight for many CIT campers.

CITs is described as the best year in the Walden career. Our CITs experience their 6 day, 5 night canoe trips in July. Their field trip takes place in August, where they will go White Water Rafting, and a take a trip to McDonalds.

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