Cabin Counsellors

Cabin Counsellors

Camp Walden’s cabin groups are like families – living, eating and playing together. Each cabin group is made up of 8-12 children and at least 3 staff. As a Counsellor you, along with a co-counsellor and under the direction of the Unit Head, support and direct children, to ensure that they each have a safe and healthy camp experience.


As a Cabin Counsellor at Camp Walden you will provide a safe and caring environment for everyone. Cabin Counsellors are always with their cabin group.  Counsellors eat meals with their respective cabin group, supervise scheduled activities, and see their campers safely to bed.

A typical day could inclue any or all of the following responsibilities:

Getting your campers to the dining hall.

  • On duty during the meal, supervising your cabin group.
  • Organizing the table and making sure everyone gets fed.
  • Manage table clean-up.
  • Ensuring attentive campers during announcements.
  • Making sure campers are polite and respectful to kitchen staff and each other.

  • Instructing your campers on how to keep a tidy home.
  • Model cleanliness in maintaining your own area.

  • Getting your campers to their activities on time and in appropriate gear.
  • Ensure everyone participates and has fun.
  • Make sure kids respect the staff and maintain safety standards.

After ensuring campers are attended to, you may be required to attend meetings or prep for evening programs.

  • Remain on duty during this camper’s choice activity period.
  • Accompany your campers to the activity areas of their choice.
  • Assist specialists in their areas.
  • Assist with programming while maintaining supervision of your campers.

  • Assisting with preparation, planning and stocking supplies.
  • Helping keep kids quiet & engaged.
  • You may volunteer or be asked to run evening programs throughout the summer – it’s a chance to express your creativity and originality. Planning and timely follow-through are essential.

Are you considering being a Colour Counsellor?

Staff assigned to our youngest campers the Colour Unit, should be aware that they may be asked to move cabins or units during the July session, which may also affect your days off and OD schedule.

Date commitments

To apply for this position you must be able to commit to the following time commitments:

All-Staff Pre-camp

June 25th – July 1st

Camp Season

July 1st – August 18th

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