The most exciting time of day is when the camp comes together in the Dining Hall!

Camp Food

Meal times are more than just a chance to fill up. It’s a time for the entire camp to be together in our beautiful dining hall.

Campers eat with their cabin groups, but get to visit friends from other cabins, while enjoying songs and announcements. It’s a social event that happens 3 times a day. Meals are served family-style. Platters are passed around the table allowing campers to choose what they want to eat. It’s an opportunity to try new things and enjoy old favourites.

Our Menu

Our kitchen staff work hard to prepare healthy and balanced meals that fuel our campers and staff for their active camp day. We aspire to make camp food “food that’s food” so our menu is thoughtfully created to include a variety of meals and lots of choices to ensure everyone can find something they love to eat. We love food at Walden!

Things to know about our menu


Oatmeal, yogurt, fruit, cold cereal, toast, and hard-boiled eggs are available everyday at breakfast in addition to the main meal.


Every day at lunch (except on BBQ days) we offer a salad bar with unlimited quantities of fresh ingredients and an assortment of dressings.


Homemade soups are offered at lunch and dinner – vegetarian when the main course served is meat. Our soups are never made with MSG.


Each day we serve one “sweet” dessert (often freshly baked in the Walden kitchen) and one fruit dessert.


A healthy snack is available at our tuck shop for anyone that wants a piece of fruit and/or cheese, crackers and other “grab ‘n go” bites to tide them over until dinner.

Fresh Fruit

At every meal we will encourage campers to grab a fresh fruit from our “Take one to Go” bowls in the dining hall.


There are 3 outdoor BBQs per week, each serving up a different variety of meat, sides, and vegetarian options.

Dietary needs

We are prepared to accommodate special dietary needs or restrictions, including, but not limited to, vegetarian, lactose-free, or Kosher.

We recommend you practice a new meal at home

Our chefs are always preparing new and healthy alternatives to our vegetarian menu. We encourage families to prepare new meals at home before camp starts for campers to try. This allows campers to be more open to different food options, varieties, and have the confidence to try something new at Walden.

Sol Birenbaum

Sol’s tip

Please know that Camp Walden is a nut-aware camp, and does not serve any food containing peanut products. Read more about what this means and how we maintain camp as a safe space for campers with allergies.

Kosher options

What we promise to our families:

  • Kosher meat* will be available to all campers and staff who request it during the following meals:
  • Friday night dinner: we will have Kosher chicken available
  • Meals that serve deli meats (Subs and Corned Beef): we will have Kosher deli available
  • Hot Dog BBQ: all hot dogs served are kosher!
  • NEW THIS YEAR: Kosher Chicken will be available whenever the main course is chicken!

What you can usually expect from our kitchen:

  • A vegetarian meal that is always available when meat is served
  • Leftover Kosher meats when available from a previous meal
  • Lots of healthy, yummy, and vegetarian choices (salad bar, homemade soup, sandwich bar, cereal and milk)

* Kosher meat is meat that has been purchased with a Hechsher but please note that it is prepared in our regular kitchen. Every effort is made to keep things separate (i.e. chicken is cooked in an oven on a cookie sheet covered with tin foil or parchment paper) but it would not meet the standard of Kashruth that Kosher restaurants are required to meet.

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