From the moment you enter the front gates, a sense of calm takes over.

Walden is…

A traditional sleep away camp in a beautiful setting, Walden is what you remember summer camp being, with the promise of bright new memories to come.

Walden is… the feeling of calm when you drive through our gates, the smell of the forest after the rain, the smiles on returning campers’ faces, the deep breath you take before you plunge into the cool open lake, a time for friendships, adventures and places to explore. Walden is all these things and more.

Are you ready to begin your Walden experience?

The Campers

Walden is all about its campers. A traditional overnight camp for kids, ages 7 – 16, Walden offers the best of both worlds — the classic, loved summer camp of the past, adapted to the needs of today’s children and parents. Campers enjoy a balanced mix of sports, arts & crafts, and music, all in a beautiful lakeside setting. Our back to basics approach — screen-free, no phones, no internet — lets campers connect with nature and themselves.

Kids have the support of Walden’s unique cabin system, giving campers the security of family and the confidence to make new friendships and develop independence. Most of all Walden campers have fun, making memories to last beyond the summer. Most of our counsellors are former campers themselves, and go on to send their own children to Camp Walden – it’s an experience that lasts a lifetime.

A Typical Day For Campers

The Leadership

Walden is a family run camp with a 50 year history. Co-owners Sol and Jennifer Birenbaum and Sari and Howie Grossinger bring decades of camping experience as well as training as educators to help campers have the best possible summer. Our own children are part of the Walden family, spending the summers growing up at Camp Walden.

Our leadership team is here to ensure that every child’s camp experience is happy and fun.

Did you know?: Close to 90% of camp counsellors were Walden campers themselves—our mentoring and training programs provide us with a staff ready for any challenge.

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The Setting

Camp Walden is located east of Bancroft, Ontario. Stretching out over 750 acres, Walden offers a postcard view of the beauty of Canadian summers. We have two private lakes for swimming, sailing and canoeing surrounded by woodlands.

Our spacious, well-ventilated cabins complete the picture of the ideal place to spend the summer. While camp is also a time of activity, the calm of the lake and the quiet of the forest offer children a chance to catch their breaths after a busy school year and learn to appreciate the renewing power of nature.

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The Food

More than just the fuel a camper needs, mealtimes are a time for kids to make healthy choices and enjoy the camaraderie of family style meals. Like any family, our kitchen team works hard to put the very best on our tables. We have something for every camper to enjoy.

The classics

There are some foods that no summer camp should be without. Whether it’s BBQ or grilled cheese or taco night, or hearty soups and delicious salads, we have the kid-friendly foods you remember from camp, all made from nutritious ingredients. Our chefs and kitchen staff strive to bring campers a variety of healthy and tasty meals, along with fun treats.


The choices

Picky eater? That’s not a problem! There’s always something to choose from at mealtimes. In addition to the main meal, breakfasts offer yogurt, cold cereal and hard-boiled eggs; lunch includes a choose your own salad bar, and there’s always fresh fruit on hand. Family style platters give campers the chance to try as little or as much as they like.

The challenges

We are prepared to accommodate special dietary requirements including, but not limited to, vegetarian, lactose-free, and Kosher. Walden is a Nut Aware camp and does not serve any foods containing peanuts. Talk to us about making your child’s mealtimes safe and stress-free.


The community

The energy in the Dining Hall is contagious, with campers singing, cheering, and laughing as they enjoy their meals. The meals themselves are a highlight of the day, with a wide variety of options to suit every taste and dietary preference. Whether you’re sitting with your cabin group or joining a new set of friends, family style meals at Camp Walden are a truly special experience that foster a sense of community and belonging.

The Activities

Walden strives for a fun and wide balance of activities, so that there’s something for every camper’s taste and skills. Four 1-hour periods each day take cabin groups through a rotating series of activities, on land and water, while a fifth period allows campers to choose their own activity. Our top facilities and trained counsellors allow campers to develop new skills in sports and the arts.

Where it all began

Like a tree growing steadily over the years, Camp Walden started from a small seed of an idea — an idea first planted by Ted Cole.

The Moments

Walden is about more than a summer holiday.

It’s about the moments, the ones that make up the memories of your life. Big moments, like sleeping away from home for the first time, or shooting an arrow into the bull’s-eye. And little moments too, like two friends sitting on the dock, talking about their day. It’s the shy child who finds her voice during a sing-song. The returning camper who realizes he can help a younger child learn how to paddle a canoe. It’s these moments that make your children into the adults they’re on their way to becoming.

Walden is... for life.

Being a part of Walden is being a part of a family. We hope you will join us.

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