We offer a unique Walden swim program that has been authorized by the Lifesaving Society (LSS)!  Our 10-level program (lettered A through J) will teach a unique blend of strokes and swim-to-survive skills.  On completion of Level J, campers will move on to lifesaving techniques and ultimately their Bronze Medallion and/or Bronze Cross.  Advanced swimmers will participate in a Lifesaving Fitness Program.

  • LSS Level F Swim Badge
  • LSS Level G Swim Badge
  • LSS Level H Swim Badge
  • LSS Level I Swim Badge
  • LSS Level J Swim Badge
  • Rookie Patrol Swim Badge
  • Swim Ranger Patrol Badge
  • Star Patrol Swim Badge
  • Bronze Start Swim Badge
  • Bronze Medallion Swim Badge
  • Bronze Cross Swim Badge
  • Lifesaving fitness Badge

Swim Reports

Walden swim staff complete and mail out campers’ swim reports shortly after each camp session ends. This will make it easier for our July and Explorer session campers to enroll in August and September swim programs.

Home and Away campers

Home and Away session campers receive some swim instruction, but because of the length of their sessions, the emphasis is placed on positive lake-swimming experiences rather than completing badges.

We’re here for you

Should you have any questions or concerns about our swim programs, please feel free to leave a message for our Waterfront Director, Seth Cole, at our camp office.

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