Canoe Tripping

Every summer, since the camp’s beginning in 1970, cabin groups head out with their counsellors and at least two Tripping staff to paddle the beautiful lakes of Algonquin Park, portage the trails of Temagami, and build fires and sing songs at a camp site in Killarney.

Camp Walden’s canoe tripping programs give campers the opportunity for a relaxed and safe adventure in a spectacular setting. All of our Tripping staff have been hired for their abilities to ensure safe practices, as well as to provide fun team-building experiences for campers with their cabin group. Staff are provided with, and trained to use, first aid equipment and maps, and are able to access emergency services.

As well, staff are trained to respond to a variety of situations, and adapt trips to the needs of each cabin group, whether it’s campers with physical difficulties, or dietary requirements. Our Tripping staff are there to provide safe yet challenging experiences for all campers.

A video montage of the Walden tripping experience

All canoe trips are cabin based except for CIT trips which are all-gender and by sign-up. We feel that these cabin canoe trips are such an important part of the Walden experience that we require all campers to participate. Campers sometimes feel a bit anxious before canoe trips, but these feelings normally fade once the trip begins and campers feel the security and enjoyment of being with their cabin families and their guides. Camp alumni often tell us that they rank the canoe trips as their top Walden experience.

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