Set on 750 beautiful acres, let Camp Walden make your event special and memorable.

Rent Our Camp

Located on 750 acres with a private lake, Walden is the perfect setting to host a memorable event. Our camp offers the opportunity for learning and skills development along with fun and healthy team-building activities.

Programs Offered

Our Walden Leadership Centre offers two types of rental programs. You may choose a full programming option facilitated by Walden staff on site, or you can rent the site and facilities to do your own programming. We’re happy to discuss options with you.

Walden is an Ontario Camping Association accredited operation. The OCA accreditation assures we have met or exceeded established standards of safe operation.


Grade 9

Help students transition from elementary to secondary school with fun and challenging activities. Older students are selected by your school and trained by our staff to act as mentors and group leaders, leading the younger students through sports and recreational activities. Our staff work with mentors to lead and supervise trust and team-building activities. Teachers need only act in a supervisory role.


Students enjoy sports and recreational activities, while advancing their art skills. Our well-rounded program allows students to develop leadership and social skills along with their art projects.

Teacher’s Professional Development Days

We offer your teaching staff the opportunity to develop skills in a natural and renewing atmosphere. We provide a variety of indoor and outdoor facilities for sessions, including effective team-building exercises.

Sports Academies

Walden provides training, team-building and leadership programs for your sports team. Rotate between team and trust-building, cooperative, sporting, and recreational activities.

You have the option to rent our site and use our facilities to create the event that best fits your group’s needs. Our facility offers a wide range of options, activities and dining plans – please speak to our staff about a creating program that’s right for you.

Physical Education

Bring students outside of their regular classrooms to develop the skills they need for success. Together with the Camp Director you can create a schedule that best fits your school, and its students and teachers. 
Our staff and directors can help facilitate the programs in community development, team-building, personal and group challenges, mentoring and leadership. Walden offers the opportunity to learn through hands-on experiences and to promote healthy, active lifestyles.

Our Facilities

The Activities

With our lake and acres of woodland we provide a full range of boating and other water activities, along with sports, outdoor challenges, and team-building activities that are fun for all ages. Talk to us about your group’s needs.

Available Amenities

Walden is a fully functional summer camp, offering you a retreat from busy everyday life while also providing comfortable accommodations, excellent food, and the conveniences you need to make your event a success.

Laundry & Clean Up

Camp Walden has an on-site laundry facility available if your group requires it.

We ask that campers and students to do their part in keeping Camp Walden clean. Time can be included in schedules for cabin clean up and packing. We also encourage our campers and students to preserve the natural beauty of our setting by making sure trash outdoors is put in proper receptacles. Kitchen staff maintain a clean dining hall, but we ask that all campers and students do their share by helping to clear the tables and dispose of waste. We appreciate your efforts in helping us to make sure Walden stays beautiful.

Equipment & Supplies

We can provide space and A/V equipment for your use any time during your stay with us. A projector, screens and sound system are available. When booking your event please inform us of your A/V requirements.

Camp Walden has an Arts & Crafts building for your use, along with basic supplies. You are also welcome to bring in any additional art supplies you may require.

Our sports fields and playing courts offer plenty of well-maintained sports equipment for you to use. Staff will be on-site to open sheds and collect any equipment you might need to run your program.


Walden does have limited internet access. The leaders of rental groups will be able to use the internet through our main office and computer lab. We do not have wireless access at camp.


We have talented chefs and kitchen staff on-site to prepare meals and snacks daily. Create your school’s specific menu by selecting from a list of options or discuss it with us. Most allergy and dietary considerations can be easily accommodated.


Bussing is arranged to meet your needs. Buses can be scheduled before or after your regular school bus arrival times. We offer the latest school bus model, or coaches with professional drivers.

Our People

We believe that the success of any program depends on the staff. The people at the Walden Leadership Centre are all chosen for their enthusiasm and commitment. They’re here to motivate and inspire participation in young people and to help create memories for the future.

The Walden Leadership Centre’s Director, Sophie Lloyd and its Producer, Amanda Attard, are excited to work with you and to help you realize the full vision you have for your event. Sophie and Amanda take pride in meeting with our clients and designing the experience for our school groups, weddings, corporate and social events as well as conferences and adult summer camps. Sophie and Amanda both have a combined total of 15 years of experience in event production and logistics and are so exited to work with you on your next event at Walden!

Our lifeguards and waterfront staff have their national lifeguard certification and are trained in first aid. As well, the facilitators of activities are fully trained in safety and first aid and CPR. Our staff’s priority is for everyone visiting Walden to have the best possible experience.

Arrange your leadership program at Camp Walden today!