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Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team — all of whom provide guidance, support, and encouragement to the Camp Walden Staff — is composed of camp professionals whose backgrounds and experiences enable them to deal with the daily complexities of “operating” camp. Camp Walden’s leadership team meets regularly throughout the year to plan and prepare for the summer ahead. The Leadership Team is assembled in hopes that each team member can bring a unique perspective and expertise to our group.

Together, our team makes every effort to ensure that campers, families, and staff are afforded the best possible Camp Walden experience! It’s a big job to keep the Walden community happy, content, creative and allowing for lots of fun! Our Leadership Team is up to this challenge and we cannot emphasize how fortunate we feel in having these Walden personalities return summer after summer.


Howie Grossinger


Howie has focused much of his camp leadership on developing creative activities and training our staff to the highest standards. A former high school teacher, Howie has been a camp professional for over 30 years and has been positively impacting campers and staff as our “go-to guy” for creating and nurturing teamwork at camp. Howie is a past President of the Ontario Camps Association and continues to work with youth throughout the year as a club volleyball coach.

Howie and Sari play an important role in all aspects of Camp Walden’s operations in the off-season. During the summer, Howie & Sari are the Directors of Camp Robin Hood, in Markham, Ontario and are the link between home and Camp Walden for our Home & Away campers, as well as valuable resources during their weekend visits to camp.

Sari and Howie are the proud parents of Jordanna, Cole & Zane who all spent significant time at Camp Walden as campers and staff.


Sari Grossinger


Sari has a deep appreciation for the value of camp as she is a 2nd generation camp professional as her parents have been in the industry for almost 60 years. She has been involved in every aspect of camp operations – from Swim Staff to CIT Coordinator and from Section Head to Camp Director. Her training as a Paediatric Occupational Therapist has allowed Sari to provide opportunities for children with special needs at Camp Robin Hood and Walden through our Camper Relations Program and gives her a unique perspective on the needs of campers in any environment.

Howie and Sari play an important role in all aspects of Camp Walden’s operations in the off-season. During the summer, Howie & Sari are the Directors of Camp Robin Hood, in Markham, Ontario and are the link between home and Camp Walden for our Home & Away campers, as well as valuable resources during their weekend visits to camp.

Sari and Howie are the proud parents of Jordanna, Cole & Zane who all spent significant time at Camp Walden as campers and staff.


Sol Birenbaum

Co-owner and Camp Director

Sol is committed to providing the very best in creative camp programming. Sol will provide leadership to the various staff teams to assist them in realizing safe and effective programming. Sol has over twenty-five years of camping experience at Ontario camps as a Camper, Counsellor, Area Head, and Director, as well as training and certification as a teacher. Sol makes every effort to hire a committed and highly skilled staff to facilitate camp activities. Sol’s other major focus is on the families of our Walden community. He communicates with families about their questions, cares, or concerns throughout the year and summer. Sol holds a Bachelor of Education degree and is a past recipient of the Ron Johnstone Memorial Award given annually by the Ontario Camping Association recognizing outstanding contributions in the field of camping.


Jen Birenbaum

Co-owner, Business Manager and Camp Tracker Support

Jen started her camping career at Goldman Union Camp in Indiana, and completed her Bachelor of Education in 2004. Jen’s experience and considerable skill with kids makes her a tremendous resource to the Leadership Team.

Sol and Jen are thrilled to be joined at camp every summer by their daughter Talia (12 years old), son Samuel (10 years old), daughter Alex (8 years old), and daughter Daniela (6 years old)!


Seth Cole

Associate Director

As Seth begins his 37th summer at Walden, he is extremely excited for a summer full of continuing opportunities as Associate Director. He is looking forward to being a part of many 50th birthday activities. During his time at Walden he has been Head of Swim, Director of Waterfront, Program Director and Operations Manager. He oversees all waterfront specialities and all aspects of safety in camp. Seth will continue to take on the massive job of Walden’s daily, weekly and summer scheduling as well as working with the Leadership Team to develop fantastic programs including the Walden Games. In his capacity as Associate Director, Seth will have the opportunity to contribute his many years of camping experience to the smooth running and supervision of the camp. Seth’s favourite meal at camp is the hamburger BBQ. During the 1990s Seth spent 4 years as a trip leader on West Coast Connection. Seth is currently a teacher with the Toronto District School Board. He is joined on staff by his daughter Sharon, who will be co-unit head of the Colour unit and his son Jarred, who will be working on Swim.


Ben Fagan

Head Counsellor

Ben looks forward to spending his 23rd summer at Walden this camp season. This summer Ben will be transitioning to some new roles focused on inspiring staff members both young and old to give their best efforts to ensure a successful summer. Ben is particularly excited to take on the tracking of the CIT unit and help this year’s group of CITs have the summer of a lifetime. Ben spends his offseason teaching High School English and he and his wife Jordy recently gave birth to twins in November. He is very excited to introduce them to the Walden community in a few months!


Alicia Krumholz

Camper Tracker

After a 2 year hiatus, Alicia is returning home for her 22nd summer at Walden. Spending 8 incredible summers as a camper, Alicia knew her journey had to continue so that she could pay it forward to future campers. After her years as comic, zodiac and seeker counsellor, seeker unit head and CIT coordinator, Alicia joined the Leadership team as the Zodiac tracker. This summer she is excited for the new challenge of working with the Seekers and their families.

During the year, Alicia is a teacher, working for the York Region School Board at Doncrest PS, teaching Grade 2 with a focus on outdoor learning. She enjoys spending her time travelling the world, laughing with friends and family and swimming in Red Pine Lake!


Bree Peters

Head of MASH

Bree is so excited to be returning to camp for her 5th summer as the Head of MASH. Serendipity brought Bree and Walden together 5 years ago, and she is thrilled to be joining the Leadership Team for the second year. Bree has been a Registered Nurse in Australia for 9 years, so brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to all things medical around camp. Her MASH team is made up of medical professionals who are committed to delivering the best health care to Walden Campers and Staff. Bree has recently moved to Kamloops, BC from her home of Adelaide, Australia. In Kamloops she works as a Nanny while her partner (and Walden Staff), Jesper studies at TRU. Bree is really looking forward to another year of nurturing and supporting the Walden Community!


Matt Sherman

Program Director

Matt is very excited to be returning to Camp Walden for his 11th consecutive summer and 2nd on the Leadership team. He is ready and eager to embrace his new role as Program Director. Matt has spent the past number of summers working with or on the Program Team helping put together amazing camp-wide programs. He knows the experience and expertise he has amassed from the years will lead to new and engaging programs for campers of all ages. Matt is very excited for the summer to begin and can’t wait to see you all in a few months!


Danielle Zelikovitz

Camper Tracker and Staff Coordinator Director, Family Weekend and Walden Long Weekend

Danielle is thrilled to be returning for her 14th summer at Walden and her third year on the Leadership Team. During the year, Danielle works in the Walden office managing all cabin placements, as the staffing coordinator, and assisting with the daily tasks during the off season. Danielle’s years as a Walden staff member have always been spent in the Colour unit; either as a counsellor, unit head, or tracker. She is excited to be returning as the Colour tracker this summer, welcoming our youngest campers into the Walden family. Danielle is also the Director of several transition programs that we offer at Camp Walden! She is the face of our Walden Family Weekend and the Walden Long Weekends. Danielle is so excited for camp and can’t wait for another amazing summer!


Nadine Block Collins

Camper Tracker

Nadine is super excited to return to camp this summer as a tracker on the Leadership Team! She is looking forward to building new relationships with staff and campers, continuing old ones and enjoying the outdoors with her husband Jamie and puppy, Poppy!

During her years at Walden, she first worked for the Walden Leadership Centre before coming to camp full-time as a Colour Counsellor and Unit Head. In the off season, Nadine works for the Toronto District School Board, at Forest Hill Public School, teaching Grade 3. Nadine is looking forward to working and communicating with all her campers and their families!


Sophie Lloyd

Camper Tracker, Director Walden Leadership Centre

Sophie is thrilled to be returning for another summer at Walden. She is from Australia and found Walden through Camp Canada. Sophie is super excited to be back on the Leadership Team as the Zodiac Tracker this summer while also continuing on with the role of Director of the Walden Leadership Centre which runs throughout June and September. Together with her team, she implements creative team building programming for schools and sports teams.

Sophie is relatively new to our Walden family, beginning her 4th summer at Walden but we have loved to watch her grow and advance so quickly and enjoy seeing her thrive in the Zodiac Unit and the Walden Leadership Centre!


Sarah Krestell

Camper Tracker

Sarah is so excited to be returning for her 13th summer at Walden! Her years as a Walden staff member have been spent as a counsellor, head specialist, and unit head. She is excited to be returning this summer, in a new role, as one of our Zodiac Trackers. She will be welcoming old and new campers into the Walden family with open arms. Growing up at camp with her siblings and the rest of her "camp family" has shaped her into the person she is today. Sarah just finished her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and is excited to see what the future has in store. She can't wait for camp to begin and is looking forward to working with all the amazing Zodiac campers and their families along the way!


Jamie Collins

Special Programs Coordinator

Jamie is pumped to be returning for his 20th summer and for his first as a member of the Walden Leadership Team – a lifelong dream fulfilled! During his many years at camp, Jamie has been a counsellor, unit head, CIT Coordinator, and member of the Program team as well as spending multiple years as the Assistant Director of the Walden Leadership Centre. He is very excited to be more involved in the summer of 2019! Jamie is dedicated to continuing to bring incredible programming to the campers and staff of 2019. He will be joined by his wife Nadine, and puppy Poppy!


Lyndsay Cloughley

Dining Hall Manager & Co-Kitchen Coordinator

Lyndsay is thrilled to be coming back to camp for her 16th summer as the Dining Hall Manager & Co-Kitchen Coordinator. Her claim to fame is that she was Sol’s “first new hire” way back in the winter of 2004! Over the years Lyndsay has been developing her skills and is very excited to be joining the Leadership Team this summer. Lyndsay and the kitchen staff are committed to providing healthy and delicious food while having the best time dancing in the dining hall. During the off season, Lyndsay is in university studying Forensic Psychology.


Bethany Wright

Camper Tracker

Bethany is really excited to be returning for another year at Walden! She has developed through the ranks from Theatre, Dance and Fitness to Head Staff and Comic Unit Head, as well as being a part of the Walden Leadership Centre. Bethany is looking forward to being in her new role as Co-Comic Tracker this summer, and excited to develop all the amazing relationships with campers, staff, and families alike!

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