Hire a Walden Intern

By offering a two-month internship, you ensure our exceptionally talented staff can return to camp, year after year

The job market has changed. Global and constantly evolving, the new world of work demands that university students get experience in their intended industry. This pressure means that our staff are often forced to choose between pursuing a summer internship or working at camp. Why? Because almost every internship out there is four months long. They can’t do both.

Until now.

Alumni and parents of Camp Walden are establishing Walden Internships that run from late April until mid June, just in time for these incredible young people to GET TO CAMP!

Venn diagram: YOU NEED exceptionally talented young people in your organization, WE NEED our staff to keep coming back year after year, THEY NEED experience in the world of work.

How to make it happen

There are two ways to participate

Hire an intern from our pool of talented staff

Every Walden staff member seeking an internship has a profile posted on this site. You can browse by profession, industry or interests. Flip through the profiles, contact the candidates, and reap the rewards of adding a passionate and talented intern to your organization.


Create a yearly Walden Internship

Consider establishing a position that brings a Walden intern on board every spring. By setting up an ongoing program, you ensure continuity of systems and process, leverage a built-in network of support in the Walden community, and guarantee your organization has long-term access to talent.

Your intern awaits


Corey Kaminski

Available: May 1st – June 20th

My name is Corey Kaminski. I am 18 years old currently studying Business Management and Organizational Studies at Western University. I am a driven, inspired, and hardworking individual that looks to make the world a better place. My main interests are around entrepreneurship and business development. Additionally, I enjoy finance and problem solving.


  • Born: March 7th, 2000
  • Studying: Business Mgmt. & Organizational Studies, Western University (2018-2022)
  • Certificate in the Deloitte Entrepreneurship Bootcamp
  • Career: Director of the Start up Accelerator at W5 - Western Entrepreneurs
  • Career: Co-Founder of BagandBougieTO
  • Career: Founder of CoCreate (Developing)
  • Resume | LinkedIn


Omri Chazot

Available: April 10th or May 1st - June 20th

My name is Omri Chazot, and I am a third-year university student studying business administration in the Ivey School of Business at Western University. After spending my first two years of university in medical science (achieving Dean’s List in both years), I developed an interest in the impact that strategic vision and powerful analytics can have in disrupting industries and decided to pursue a career in which I could solve large scale business issues. My interests in prospective summer employment include strategy/consulting roles, financial advisory, data analytics roles or any roles in which I will be able to make a significant impact on your firm. My career at Walden has included being a member of and leading the canoe trip team, and receiving the honor of being selected as one of 2017’s Bill McDonald Award recipients as a staff member of the year. Over the last several years, I have developed strong leadership, planning and project management skills both in school and throughout several community involvement and employment opportunities. I am happy to further discuss my qualifications and desire to helping you. Transcripts and further information available upon request.


  • Born: February 12th, 1998
  • Studying: Business Administration, Ivey School of Business, Western University (2016-2020)
  • Resume | LinkedIn


Joshua Fraser

Available: May 1st - June 20th

My name is Joshua Fraser, and I am currently a first year Commerce student at Queens University. I am hardworking and confident in my ability to lead a diverse range of groups. I specialize in Marketing and Entrepreneurial studies and pride myself on my ability to form and maintain stellar customer relationships. I am interested in applying the skills I've learned through case competitions to a real business environment. My career At Walden includes being both a junior and senior counsellor and winning the Bill MacDonald Award for best Male Counsellor in 2018. I look forward to applying the skills I've learned at Walden and the Commerce program to solve real-world problems in today's business environment. I am happy to answer any further questions regarding how I can fit into your company and discuss my qualifications.


  • Born: April 7th 2000
  • Studying: Bachelor of Commerce, Queens University, Class of 2022
  • Areas of interest: Interested in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Look forward to expanding knowledge in Sales
  • Provided Strategic Advice to blueW.org regarding future plans and managing their finances
  • Resume


Robbie Middlestadt

Available: May 1st - June 20th

My name is Robbie Middlestadt. I am currently in my third year of university, studying Media, Information and Technoculture at Western University. In my program, I study different theories around media, in addition to taking courses that vary from public relations to journalistic writing. I am a determined student and an individual who enjoys working hard on any given task. Attending camp as both a camper and staff has taught me many skills, specifically communication skills. Being a counsellor for three years and a unit head in the 2018 summer taught me how to communicate with many diverse individuals on a daily basis. My interests include public relations, marketing, and communications.


  • Born: March 30th, 1998
  • Studying: Third year studying Media, Information and Technoculture at Western University.
  • Areas of Intrest: Public Relations and Media - Related Work
  • Resume | LinkedIn