Hire a Walden Intern

By offering a two-month internship, you ensure our exceptionally talented staff can return to camp, year after year.

The job market has changed. Global and constantly evolving, the new world of work demands that university students get experience in their intended industry. This pressure means that our staff are often forced to choose between pursuing a summer internship or working at camp. Why? Because almost every internship out there is four months long. They can’t do both.

Until now.

Alumni and parents of Camp Walden are establishing Walden Internships that run from late April until mid June, just in time for these incredible young people to GET TO CAMP!

Venn diagram: YOU NEED exceptionally talented young people in your organization, WE NEED our staff to keep coming back year after year, THEY NEED experience in the world of work.

How to make it happen

There are two ways to participate:

Hire an intern from our pool of talented staff

Every Walden staff member seeking an internship has a profile posted on this site. You can browse by profession, industry or interests. Flip through the profiles, contact the candidates, and reap the rewards of adding a passionate and talented intern to your organization.


Create a yearly Walden Internship

Consider establishing a position that brings a Walden intern on board every spring. By setting up an ongoing program, you ensure continuity of systems and process, leverage a built-in network of support in the Walden community, and guarantee your organization has long-term access to talent.

2022 Interns

Picture of Gabbi Gerskup, Media & Communications. Gabbi Gerskup

Gabbi Gerskup

Media & Communications

My name is Gabbi Gerskup. I am completing my third year in Media Information and Technoculture at Western University.

I am looking for employment from mid-April to the end of mid-June before camp.

I am looking for a job in my area of study, media and communications.

Check out my LinkedIn profile here!