Walden Tripping Lingo

June 25th, 2018

After many years of canoe tripping at Camp Walden, many nicknames and terms have been coined. The following is some tripping slang you may hear on or about canoe tripping!

  • Billy – A pot
  • Bulldog – A pot holder
  • Grumman – The metal canoes we take on trip
  • Pepe – A tortilla
  • Trip pizza – A pepe with tomato sauce, cheese, basil, and sometimes meat. Also, most campers favourite meal!
  • “Bomb-proof” the site – When the trippers make sure lifejackets and paddles are under canoes before everyone goes to bed to ensure that no camper has a wet lifejacket the next morning
  • Snooka – The building where all trips leave from and come back to
  • The fly – The waterproof outside of the tent that ensures that no one gets rained on or wet over the night
  • Kaibo – A box located on each campsite and used as a toilet
  • Flog Day – A day on canoe trip where there is no travelling and the group stays together on the same site
  • Aqua-tab – A tablet that is placed into each water bottle after being filled to purify the water
  • Dry Shoes – Shoes that are worn only when on site, typically crocs