The view from a 2014 Tripper

January 27th, 2015

What tripping means to me?

It is impossible to write everything I’ve learned from Walden Canoe Trips. I will forever be thankful and grateful for the amazing memories and experiences I’ve been a part of and helped create.

As a camper they were the best part of each summer and some of my cabins favourite memories. As a Tripper my perception of a Walden trip changed drastically. It is amazing all the friendships and inside jokes I share with the campers and staff I’ve had the pleasure of taking on trip. From making smarty pancakes to trying challenging portages, each trip is different and no two are ever the same.

The tripping program is by far the most unique and special program at Walden. It is amazing experience to disconnect from everyday life and enjoy the peace and beauty around you. I believe the value of a canoe trip expands far beyond that of just exploring nature. Canoe trips have taught me many important lessons and consistently effect me in my every day life. The leadership, communication, responsibility and organization skills I’ve developed through tripping help shape the person I am.

I’m excited to return for another summer and create many more memories and help share with campers the beauty of nature and all that tripping has to offer.

Until July,

Trip Hard, Trip Fast – Most Importantly, Trip or Die,
Jacob Bytensky

Silver Peak, the top of a 3.5 billion year old mountain range, offers beautiful views of Killarney Provincial Park and its surroundings. The challenging yet rewarding hike is always a favourite highlight for CITS on the Killarney Paddle Trips.
The beautiful almost mosaic like sunset offers a peaceful and beautiful site to end a hard days work #algonquin
That amazing feeling everyone shares at the end of a long day when you are relaxing on site with your cabin making memories and having fun as you watch the sun set and you prepare for another fun day of trip.
Nothing quite beats taking a swim on a warm summers day after a long hard days work!
The Beach Party!