Through the Eyes of a Tripper

Reflections of a former tripper

March 25th, 2024

Hey Sol,

This is Tyler (Gizmo) Steinberg from camp. It’s been a few years since I’ve been gone but I hope things with you and camp are going good still! I’m currently progressing in my forestry career while really enjoying it, and if it weren’t for me spending 11 years at Walden I have no idea where I’d be right now. It is because canoe trip was mandatory that I continued to force myself to try to enjoy it. It took me until older seekers to see some of the real joys of being immersed in the outdoors. When I went on the Pet for my CIT trip, I’d say that was the life changing trip that opened my eyes to my passion for the outdoors. Then for staff, when I was hoping to hear you tell me I’d be on Ski but found out I got my second choice as a Tripper, that set my path to realize that being outdoors is what makes me happiest in life and I decided to pursue a career in forestry. The work I do isn’t much like a canoe trip, but I get to adventure all over BC and hike through the bush all day looking at trees. Just wanted to say thanks to you and Walden itself for helping guide me in my life and find my passions and who I am as a person.