Pudding 3 Ways!

Jordan Wagman taught us so many easy recipes to try out on trip, but my favourite one by far is the recipe for pudding! All you need is cornstarch, sugar, salt, milk powder, chocolate chips and water.

Here are the 3 best ways to eat pudding on trip

1. Plain
Pudding made over the fire tastes so good on its own, and its fun to get the whole cabin together around a billy of pudding at the end of a long day.




2. Dirt and Worms
This is my favorite one. After making the pudding, throw in some gummy worms and crumbled up graham crackers and mix it all together for an even sweeter treat.


3. Pudding S’mores
This is the best way to put a twist on classic S’mores. Instead of putting chocolate chips inside, put chocolate pudding on the gram cracker and then top it with a perfectly roasted marshmallow.

– Jordana Colomby

November 19th, 2015

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