Meet the leaders of our pack…

May 14th, 2010

Running a trip program is much like falling in love; you don’t really need to know what you’re doing, but it doesn’t hurt. This year, the enviable task of herding our ever-growing mob of dedicated and conscientious trippers along another summer of safe, comfortable and fun trips has fallen into the soft hands and onto the overgrown shoulders of Corey Moranis and Adam Cytrynbaum, respectively.

Adam Cytrynbaum

Mr. Cytrynbaum, who abjectly refuses to confirm or deny any allegations concerning his resemblance to the mythical Samsquanch, has been spending his summers in and out of Camp Walden since before any of the current campers were born. Though he reprises his role this summer as Head of Trip, he has yet to fully grasp the implications of not having Sarah around to do all the paperwork.

Cory Moranis

Ms. Moranis, whose charm and grace are buttressed by her caring heart and infinite patience, returns for her sixth summer as a tripper and her first summer earning the big bucks. While she studies neuroscience at McGill University, Corey has been known to confess that all she really wants is to bake cookies and cupcakes. Together for one last triumphant kick of the can before embarking for far off lands of tulips and wild roses, Corey and Adam will endeavour to ensure that each and every camper at Walden has a trip experience that is as unique and memorable as it is safe and comfortable.