Snooka-Cooked Meal Contest


Every Walden cabin and staff is welcomed to participate


Prepare and document your creation/interpretation of a new or favourite canoe trip meal from your home kitchen. This means be creative…. how can you use your stove as if it’s a fire (if you’re creating a NEW trip meal… think about your ingredients/preparation… can the ingredients last in a barrel? Can the the meal be made relatively quickly.


Cabin Reunion??? Someone’s house!!


Now until Camp – The top three creations will be judged in the dining hall and the winning cabin will get a snooka-c00ked meal prepared and served by the trippers (other prizes are a possibility for all competing cabins!)


because everyone LOVES trip food.

Please leave a comment below if your cabin is participating. We need a minimum of three!!!!!

June 3rd, 2010
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