We belong among the wildflowers…

With two major reunions, a summer full of celebration, and the creation of a short film, Walden’s 50th summer… the summer of 2019… was one to remember. Registration for Summer 2020 was at an all time high and all the staff were rehired to return. The early winter of 2020 was spent preparing for what might have been Walden’s most significant summer yet. Then… on March 16, 2020… Prime Minister Trudeau told Canadians, “If you’re abroad, it’s time to come home… and all Canadians should stay home.”

The world, of course, had much bigger problems than wondering whether Ontario summer camps would be open… but somehow, Walden’s fate was associated with the many questions Ontario families were asking about their own children… “Will kids ever get to be together? Will they ever get to go outside? Will they lose out on their childhood?”

Our community united in a common set of purposes: prioritize kids, stay safe, get children back to the experience and place where we belong.

Here is our journey…

Only 70 days left until camp!

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