Cancellation and Reduction in Session Policy

There is a tiered fee charged for cancellations or reductions in Session length (i.e. 4 weeks to 3 weeks) made after registration. Cancellation and reduction fees and any other applicable charges are deducted from the Session Fee and any remaining balance is refunded within sixty (60) days.

Cancellation and reduction in session fees are:

  • charged on a per camper basis
  • in addition to any other charges,
  • subject to HST,
  • not able to be applied as credits to other camper accounts, and
  • charged according to the chart below:
Cancellations or Reductions made prior to the end of February $250 + HST
During the month of March $500 + HST
During the months of April & May $1000 + HST
During the month of June: $1500 + HST
After the end of June: $2500 + HST
After camper’s arrival Campers, who, for whatever reason (with the exception of dismissal due to major policy infraction), attend camp and stay for less than 2 weeks, will be charged the 2-week rate.

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