Date Commitments

To apply for this position you must be able to commit to the following time commitments:

 Jul 26 Jul 29

Walden Long Weekend #1

 Aug 2 Aug 5

Walden Long Weekend #2


There aren't many responsibilities for Walden Long Weekend Counsellors, but they are important, and your responsibilities begin as soon as you get on the bus at Seneca College.

  • Seeing campers to their cabins.  You will be responsible for your own cabin group.
  • Taking your campers to their meals and eating together.
  • Seeing your campers to their scheduled activity periods and assisting staff there.
  • Making sure campers are happy and participating.
  • Supervising your cabin group during evening activities and getting them back to the cabin and to bed.
  • At the end of the weekend making sure cabins are cleaned and all belongings packed.
  • Loading the bus safely and travelling home together with your campers.

Some words from our staff

Some words from our staff

Rose Attard — Alumni

“The experience you get while working at Walden will remain with you, and will benefit you, for the rest of your life.”

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