June 28, 2018

Check out some candid shots from Precamp at Walden 2018!

Getting up close with nature at campcraft

Deep in concentration – Serious A&C!

Smiling for the camera

I like to hang out with people who make me forget to look at my phone

“Take my picture!” Only a few days until photoshoots with your friends

Ready to handout mid afternoon snacks with a smile from the tuck shop!

Spending free time by the beautiful lake

Ready for a bit of football! (soccer!)

Testing the waters… yep, still wet

Theatre staff doing some improv!

Bonding with new friends – canoeyak staff training

Our amazing theatre team! Looking forward to the great plays of the summer!

Friends for life

New staff clipboard – ready for my schedule!

Making a friendship bracelet for his bff

Looking forward to the yummy dessert – who’s got the blue chip?

Gemma keeping the garden fresh and green since June 2018!

Building the fire at campcraft

An apple a day keeps the Doctor from MASH away!

Hands up if you love Camp Walden