Through the Eyes of a Tripper

Kingscote Sunset 2015

As I revisit this sunset, this time through a computer screen over 200km away from where it took place, I continue to appreciate this experience and countless others spent outdoors this past summer. No matter how high the quality of my screen may be, there is no technology capable of replicating these experiences—and there never will be. Simply put, you just have to be there in that moment. I always find myself trying to convey this message to campers I take on canoe trips; however, I find some not yet able understand the entirety of this message. I too was unable to fully grasp this concept until a few years ago. I have realized that being outdoors allows you to put a pause on life, relax, and take in the beauty of nature. It allows you to disconnect from the fast paced society that we live in for a brief period of time and simply be at peace. – Ben Shiff

November 16th, 2015

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