Day 3

July 2, 2017

We finally got our first full day of sunshine, and we’re having a blast. Our youngest campers enjoyed an afternoon with our CITs during our annual “Big Buddy, Little Buddy Day”. It was wonderful to see the CITs dive right into becoming counsellors for the afternoon and show our youngest campers around camp. Our first set of canoe trips departed this morning with some very happy campers and our trippers are geared up for an amazing season. Day 3 was an amazing day all around!

All for one, One for all

Cooking with friends

What a cake-tastic day!

Sunny days bring watertrampoline chills!

BIG Buddy, Little Buddy

Rackets up!

Reaching new heights with my pals

Elbows deep in messy fun!

A little paint never hurt anyone!

All day, everyday... these smiles