Day 12

July 11, 2017

AND NOW A MESSAGE FROM THE WFL & WHBL!!! WOW!!! What a wicked time we all had! Last night was our 28th annual WFL & WHBL tailgating final up at the Field of Dreams. It was a competitive and strong match for all athletes. Both games ended with good sportsmanship and smiling faces. Way to go WHBL winners Tar Heels (Team Pink), and WFL winners TCC (Team Black). Campers were so happy to cheer on their favorite player, while enjoying an unreal tailgate party put together by our amazing kitchen. Congratulations to all the teams who participated, this season was amazing.

This twosome keeping us in the loop

Tailgating Cutie

One goal at a time! Go Tar Heels!!!!

Nacho Squad!!!

Just a quick strategy huddle!

It's go time!

I scream... You scream... We all scream... For Ice Cream