Packages are allowed! (But only on birthdays!)

When sending mail to camp, we ask that all families please respect our Food and Package Policy:

  • A non-food package may be sent for your camper’s birthday. Please indicate on the outside of the package that it is a birthday package.
  • With the exception of birthdays, please do not send food, magazines or packages of any kind.
  • Large or bulky packages are not permitted. If it doesn’t fit under the mailroom door, it’s not coming through it!
  • While campers are encouraged to bring books to camp, magazines are not permitted.
  • Campers are allowed one plastic grocery bag size amount of food at the beginning of their camp stay and another on Visitors’ Day.
  • Food that requires cooking or heating is not permitted at camp (this includes: Mr. Noodle, Kraft Dinner, Cup-a-Soup)
  • Camp Walden’s water undergoes more treatment than most municipalities and water bottling manufacturers. Its source is our soft water lake in a relatively unpopulated and unpolluted part of the country. It undergoes regular testing conducted by certified water treatment operators and is subject to the strictest of standards in Canada. The taste of water varies from city to city based on the makeup of its inactive minerals. Walden’s water is clear, refreshing, and indeed tastes different than your home water. Many bottled waters, although seemingly tasteless, are unregulated, and untested.  Bottled water is not permitted at camp.

Factors guiding the development of this policy

Camp provides a nutritional and well-balanced menu. In addition to the desserts following lunch and dinner, campers enjoy special snacks after every evening program. Having food in the cabin can cause some campers to substitute meals with less than nutritious snacks, so we encourage them instead to enjoy the wide variety of food Walden provides.
Food in the cabins can attract unwanted wildlife to or near the camper unit that can pose a risk to camper safety.
Care for the environment
Food in the cabins often leads to unnecessary garbage in camper cabins.
Social considerations
As with our Packing Policy, campers having extra items can cause jealousy and tension among cabin mates.

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