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Through the eyes of a first time camper.

Thank you Jonah for sharing this beautiful letter.

How Camp Walden Changed My Life
By: Jonah Levitan

Did you ever have something change your life? I did. Here’s how my story goes. I went to Camp Walden Ontario for the first time last year. I was seven years old. The first day of sleep away camp, my third activity was sailing. I had never sailed before, so my counsellors taught me how and it changed my life.

First, sailing made me feel confident. I started to believe in myself more. To teach me how to sail, my counsellors went on a boat with me, tipped it, and untipped it. Eventually, I learned how to do it on my own. About three days later, I started getting medals for it and turned into a pro. I even got a gold medal! This made me feel good about myself and help people learn how to sail.

Second, sailing gave me a new passion in life. I really fell in love with it because it was fun and exciting. I don't like swimming but sailing made me like the water better because I was on it and not getting wet (even though I would sometimes tip my boat on purpose!). Actually, I cannot believe that I stayed two months when it was my first year and I was only seven years old—- all because of one activity!

Finally, sailing gave me a new dream. I used to want to be a police officer but now being a sailor is my ambition. When I am older, I want to be like my Grandpa and my Papa because both won gold medals for sailing. When I am a sailor, I want to sail on the ocean and I am going to practice with my Papa when we go to Beaches on winter break.

Camp Walden Ontario changed my life because they taught me how to sail. I think that everyone should try new things and I think the place to do that is Camp Walden (Ontario). I hope to see my readers next summer!


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